Introduction to Acoustek®


Acoustek® is a non-destructive, non-invasive system for surveying the interior of gas filled pipelines using acoustic waves. Acoustek® uses a patented technique of transmitting acoustic waves through the gas within the pipeline and analysing the pattern of the reflected waves to locate full or partial blockages and identify corrosion and holes in the pipe wall.

Acoustek® allows immediate assessment and analysis of pipelines to accurately identify and locate any blockages or obstructions, which enables remedies to be put in place quickly.


Commercial systems utilising the Acoustek® system have now been developed and deployed in the upstream oil & gas industry and for surveying the tubes in shell and tube heat exchangers. The technique can be used to detect restriction, expansions, corrosion and holes in most industrial pipelines. Its primary use has been in detecting and locating blockages in offshore pipelines and detecting holes in heat exchanger tubing. However, it has also been used to survey unknown pipe networks and to identify the status of sub-sea isolations valves.

The system can either be deployed for one-time troubleshooting or installed for continuous remote monitoring of operation critical pipelines. Pipeline surveys commissioned by industry have ranged from pipelines of a few meters to several kilometers in length.

Acoustek® has been developed with support of the University of Manchester and has been used successfully in both onshore and offshore applications.


Benefits of Acoustek®


The IET Innovation Awards 2010 – Measurement in Action category.